• CHS™ is a state of the art management and monitoring tool
    used to power NRT's full line of innovative products.

    Utilizing a web-based interface, CHS™ can be accessed
    around the world providing in-depth reporting and unit monitoring,
    giving you real time management and alerts.

  • CPS provides world-class ATM
    and cash advance solutions
    to the casino gaming industry.
  • Customer Support Centre

    NRT Technology Corp. (NRT) offers around-the-clock support,
    through either our Web-based client portal,
    or over the telephone.

    We pride ourselves on having the answer
    to your questions, 24/7. Need help?
    Either sign in through the Web-based client portal,
    or dial our telephone support line.
  • Better Manage your VGT payout

    With the most reliable, capable and flexible VGT payout solution on the market today.
    The QuickPay solution provides total control over your operations
    while using cutting edge technology that ensures a robust and secure payout solution.
  • Black is a colour that represents confidence, strength, and
    experience. After years of success developing cash
    handling solutions for the gaming industry, we are proud
    to present the QuickJack Black Series.

    Functionality, security, and a sleek, stylish design.
    If you’re looking for the highest quality, look no further
    then QuickJack Black Series. Resulting from years of experience,
    the Black Series brings together industry knowledge,
    customer feedback, and professional insight to form
    a superior service for gaming, lottery, and retail.